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    جولة عبر الفن في عمّان

    افتتح في عمّان خلال الشهر الحالي عدد كبير من المعارض الفنية المتنوعة والمميزة ضمن أسبوع الفن الذي أقيم ما بين ٥ – ١٥ سبتمبر. معظم هذه المعارض مستمرة لعدّة أسابيع وبإمكانكم زيارتها والاستمتاع بها. فريق حبر يأخذكم في جولة عبر أربعة معارض: في المتحف الوطني للفنون الجميلة، وغاليري نبض، وملبّس، وجاكرندا، ويتحدث إلى بعض الفنانين المشاركين عن أعمالهم.  

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    A Letter to Lana Nasser: On Sisterhood And Resistance

    A letter emailed to performing artist Lana Nasser before she embarked on the “Connecting Daughters” walk from Jordan to Jerusalem, asking her to consider withdrawing from the initiative. Lana Nasser embarked on the “Connecting Daughters” walk on March 12th, 2013. By Thoraya Rayyes Dear Lana, I hope this email finds you well. I am writing […]

  • Events in Amman, January 8 – 14

    The Arab Theater Festival kicks off this week, with 14 plays from different Arab countries, as well as seminars and a specialized book exhibition at the Royal Cultural Center. (Details of the seminars have not been announced yet, keep an eye on this space and we’ll update you as soon as we have the info). […]

  • Events in Amman, December 11 – 17

    This week’s arts and culture features an exciting number of concerts by local, regional and international artists that cater to different tastes; you have Iraqi Oud player Khyam Allami, German musician Roger Reckless and his band, live Jazz by Yacoub Abu Ghosh Quartet, an evening of poetry and music by Zahi Wehbe and Macadi Nahhas, […]

  • City Thirdspace

    Review: City|Thirdspace

    Words and photos by Andrea Garcia-Vargas Just when everyone thinks artists have exhausted experimental mediums, Jordanian artist Rawan Kakish takes the art of the collage and gives it a twist in her new exhibition “City|Thirdspace” this month at the Foresight32 Gallery, featuring mostly urban scenes. With a background in architecture from the Jordan University of […]

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