7iber Meetup: Mapping Jabal alLweibdeh

On Saturday, 10 April we will join the Lweibdeh community for a mapping and storytelling exercise. We are inviting you to join us.

The idea is to join forces with a group that is working to tell and help collect stories, but also map these stories on a GoogleMap in a mashup of sorts. We will take pictures, collect audio, and narrate the stories of Lweibdeh’s resident’s and collect them on an interactive map. The idea is to collect a moving history of one of Amman’s oldest and most treasured neighborhoods through stories, photography, and audio, and to provide these important stories online.

Please join us in Jabal alLweibdeh at 11 AM to meet and introduce the day’s plan to everyone. We will meet in the Lweibdeh Youth Organization’s office near Ammon theater.

For more information, please email meetups@7iber.com.

في يوم الاحد الموافق العاشر من نيسان ندعوكم للانضمام الينا في مجتمع الويبدة في نشاط سرد القصص و رسم الخرائط.الفكرة تقوم على مبدا جمع الجهود مع مجموعة تعمل على سرد و جمع القصص, و ايضا تحميل هذه القصص على خرائط غوغل.سوف ناخذ صور و نجمع تسجيلات صوتيه و نروي قصص القاطنين في منطقة الويبدة و نجمع هذه القصص على خريطة الكترونية.الهدف من المشروع جمع معلومات عن التطور التاريخي لواحدة من اقدم و اعرق الاحياءفي عمان من خلال الصور و القصص و التسجيلات الصوتية,وايضا توفير هذه القصص المهمة على الشبكةاالعنكبوتية .يشرفنا انضمامكم الينا في تمام الساعة١١في مركز شباب الويبدة بالقرب نم مسرح عمون للاجتماع و توزيع جدول الاعمال على الجميع.

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  • Brat

    What is this all about? please elaborate in simpler words.
    People attending, what they could offer you or are supposed to do?
    I'd love to come, especially that I got lots of time on my hand and would not mind socializing with some Ammani intellectual chicks, but need to understand what is going on?

    Any help?

  • ramseytesdell

    @Brat if you are looking for Ammani chicks, I'm not sure this is the event for you. While there will be Ammani women there, I'm not sure they'll be the type the enjoys being called a chick or being picked up at a community event.

    The meetup will entail groups of groups of 2 or 3 going out and collecting oral history accounts of people who have lived in lweibdeh.

    we will then collect them – audio files, pictures, or written words – and aggregate them on a map.

    the final product will be a mashup of sorts, where you click on specific places in lweibdeh and you get a story from that corner or that street or that house.

    Participants will be helping to collect the stories, edit them, and publish them on the map.

    let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Amr

    Brat: loool @ Ammani intellectual chicks

  • Brat

    AMR: :)

    Ramsey: You see, was that hard to explain? Instead of all the big-smart words, this would have been enough:
    We are looking for people to go around Lweibdeh using their cars, cameras and audio recorders and talk to people and ask them what is their life story, you gather the stories, come back to our base, and we'll put it on a map. You click the tag, and you'll access the material.
    You'll be going in groups of 2-3, so arrive early to team up with the cutest chicks.

    Don't worry Ted, yeah, I'm so totally in gathering stories of Lweibdeh people, yeah I love arts……
    Ramsey, oh boy, we need to talk seriously! You got it all wrong son.
    '' not sure they'll enjoy being picked up at a community event” you got it all wrong son…..

    You think the only guy at Salasa lessons or Yoga is really into dancing and vodo stuff?

  • Ahmad

    Hahaha dude! “Ammani intellectual chicks” priceless!

  • Ahmad

    Hahaha dude! “Ammani intellectual chicks” priceless!