Photostory: Jabal Amman Through Feet, Shoes and Signs

Photostory by Samah Arafat and Khalid Jabaly

Jabal Amman could be considered as a point of intersection between what is considered to be as the vintage aspect of Amman and the modern aspect of Amman as it still reserves the original taste of the city.

This photostory is a walk in Jabal Amman introducing certain occupations, situations and moments through the feet of people and street signs that would indicate the general location of this story, hope you’ll enjoy it!

1st slide

2nd slide

6th slide

3rd slide

4th slide

5th slide

7th slide

This photostory was created during a photography meetup held by If you are interested in joining next time, email me.

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  • nadiabata

    This is great! I love the photos, especially the ones where they're washing the floors 😀

  • ola


  • Zenah

    I miss Amman so much and Jabal Amman especially!!

  • Samar

    way to go Samah

  • Jehad

    great shots, i really like the idea, however i think some of the shots would not have that meaning without their captions because they're a bit too narrow
    but still i like this very very much!

  • Enas

    wow..loved it :)
    way to go guys

  • reem

    loved it

  • rimasaifi


  • rimasaifi