When I Saw You, Zaman Al-Zaatar, and More This Week

This week, Rainbow theatre is screening Annemarie Jacir’s award-winning film “When I Saw You”. The film tells the story of a Palestinian mother and her 11-year-old son who are forced to flee to Jordan and settle in a refugee camp in the aftermath of the 1967 war. Indiewire described it as “One of the best works to come out of the current explosion in filmmaking in the Middle East!”, while the Huffington Post described it as “beautiful, groundbreaking, and deeply, deeply moving.”

Bargo’s Cafe hosts Zaman Al-Zaatar (Sign of Thyme) for an evening of beautiful live music in a cozy outdoor setting. Zaman Al-Zaatar will be playing pieces from their acclaimed albums “Al-Khubz”, “ZAD” and “Like All People”. You can download their latest album “Al-Khubz” for free online. (Monday at 9:30 pm, cover charge 5JDs)

This week, the great new initiative “Bala Feesh” presents Juthour and Blues O’Bantaloon at the offices of Kharabeesh in Rainbow street, hosted by musician Hana Malhas. Bala Feesh is a series of intimate live shows featuring independent musicians in the Arab world. It’s free of charge but you have to reserve a spot because there are only 50 seats available. (Wednesday at 9:30 pm, email balafeesh@gmail.com)

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