Photos: May 15 Protest at Karama | صور: اعتصام ١٥ أيار في الكرامة

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  • Arabi-ahmad


    The regime’s sole purpose is to protect Israel. The only reason the west
    supports and provides aide to Jordan is for its role in protecting
    Israel and serving its agenda in the region.

    That is why, the police and Darak are willing to beat anyone who will
    disturb the peace of Israel. Not to mention the inherent hatred the
    Darak/Police harbour towards Palestinians. The regime instilled in their
    psyche that the Palestinians want to take control of your country. The
    regime feeds on such fears.

    Now, the King in the US, will get pat on the back for what the Darak did
    in Karamah. Obama and the congress will tell him: “good boy” and
    through him a bone.