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  • Events in Amman, Jan 31 – Feb 6

    Music is the highlight of this week in Amman – so many concerts and gigs taking place. A group of local artists and musicians put together an event titled “Exit to School” to support the children of Gaza, and saturday’s show features performances by al-Hannouneh group, Autostrad, Tareq Al-Jundi, Sahar Khalifeh, Arabic rappers Samm and […]

  • Photostory: Cigarettes

    Photostory by: Nadjib Aktouf

  • يوم ماطر في عمَــان

    تصوير: سونيا الشامي عمال النظافة يتحدون البرد الوفاء للوطن والإخلاص في العمل رغم تحديات الطقس والبرد القارس. شكر خاص لجهود عمال النظافة وشكر خاص لبلدية عمان الكبرى جزاكم الله عنا كل الخير

  • "إنت من وين؟"

    بقلم لينا شنّك من أيام المدرسة، تحديدا من صف تاسع و طالع، بديت احس انه عندي رسالة، عندي رأي و انوه بتأثر بالناس حوالي وبدي اوصل صوتهم. كنت اتخيل انو رح اصير كاتبة قبل ما اصير اميل للصحافة كتير اكتر، بس كنت اتخيل انه الي مستقبل بهاد المجال و انو رح اوصل على مسرح، رح […]

  • Dark Side of the Spoon | Episode 4

    The Dark Side of the Spoon is a comic strip created, written and penciled by Mike V. Derderian, and inked and colored by Waleed Qutteineh. The first official episode appeared in U Men’s August 2009 issue—Thank you Shirene. It follows the lives of Mako, a Mako shark with amphibian abilities and the appetite of—duh—a shark, […]

  • Events in Amman, Jan 24 – 30

    This week’s highlights are two interesting documentaries: the first is “As the Poet Said,” which premiered last month at the Dubai Film Festival and which takes viewers on a journey through the life of late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. The second is “12 Angry Lebanese,”  winner of First prize Muhr Arab Award – Documentaries. The […]

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