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  • We Simply Do Not Deserve It

    (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser) Written by Khalid Jabaly This month we witnessed a milestone in the history of Middle Eastern sport as Egypt and Algeria locked sides for their last chance at qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, resulting in the birth of one of the most heated rivalries in the history of football in the […]

  • Theater Review: Crosswords

    Words and photography by Rian Evers When the lights in the theatre dim, the vibrant rhythm of the seven actors and actresses moving in sync on stage becomes audible. Creatively arranged lights produce doubled shadows on the wall in the back. It becomes immediately obvious that the characters in this play are crazy; the actresses […]

  • A Legal Framework Against Sexual Violence

    Written by LS. From my previous work experiences as a case worker, social work (SW) practices became embedded in my insight as a Jordanian-Palestinian: I came to believe that nothing is more sacred than protection from gender based violence (GBV) and sexual violence (SV). SV is “any sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual […]

  • Picture of the Day | A View of Downtown

    Photo by Khalid Jabaly   –   منظر عام لوسط مدينة عمان من شرفة ديوان الدوق

  • Happy Trails

    Written by Musa Alshuqairi With a questionable elections law producing a curious blend of shady characters ranging from old guard corruption figures to the so-called neo-liberals merchants the 15th Jordanian parliament was doomed from the beginning. Now that his majesty issued a decree to dissolve it, what questions is Jordan’s alleged democracy facing? If you […]

  • KingAbdullah

    شو قولك | Have Your Say: King Abdullah & The World’s Most Influential Muslims

    قام مركز الامير الوليد بن طلال للتفاهم الاسلامي المسيحي مؤخرا بنشرتقرير عن أكثر500 مسلم نفوذا في العالم. يمكنك قراءة التقرير هنا، ولكن، لتسهيل القراءة ، قمنا بإرفاق الخمسين الأهم هنا والذين يبدون منفصلين عن بقية الأفراد ال450 الذين تتألف منهم تلك القائمة من ناحية طريقة التصنيف. القائمة تجمع ما بين ملوك وحكام مستبدين، أشخاص يعملون […]

  • Events in Amman, Nov 22 – 26

    The Jordan Theater Festival runs until Tuesday, so if you missed the first week, you still have five plays to catch. It seems Monday is a day for intellectual discussions; with talks taking place at Shoman, Cervantes, and Muhtaraf Rimal. On Tuesday, Darat Al-Funun explores new trends in Egyptian cinema with an interesting series that […]

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