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  • The Making of the Third Space

    Music by Aziz Maraka.

  • Letting Us Down

    This is a response to an editorial published in the Jordan Times newspaper by a tourist who recently visited Jordan. Dear A.H. Ekker, First of all, thank you for sharing your opinion. I specifically appreciate the token “in Jordan people are very friendly and hospitable” as a introduction to your critique of exactly how Jordanian […]

  • A Bus You'll Want to Ride

    Imagine a bus; a traveling project with citizen journalists, who make a local paper in each new city, and share blogged stories from the different cities through focuses on common identity. Journalism made by locals together with the project creators of the bus. Think of a rolling music studio setting out to make a soundtrack […]

  • The Middle East Expedition – An Open Meeting

    The Middle East Expedition will host an open meeting for people who would like to know more about the project but also people who could see themself engaging in the organizational part of creating such a cool project like this. An unique opportunity to get your-self involved with a one of a kind project that […]

  • chronicles of refugee ذاكرة اللجوء

    Location: lewaibdeh-mohtaraf remal for arts Street: nemer al edwan st. across from feras hotel City/Town: Amman, Jordan Phone: 0795815609 Email: فيلم وثائقي يتحدث عن يوميات النكبة من خلال شهادات شخصية من اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في مخيمات اللجوء وفي الشتات في مناطق العالم المختلفة منذ العام 1967 وحتى الآن كما يكشف عن الأثر الذي يخلفه اللجوء […]

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