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  • معرض من جنين الى غزة

    Location:مجمع النقابات المهنية دعوة تحت رعاية نقيب المهندسين الاردنيين تدعوكم الشعبة المعمارية لزيارة معرض الفنانة سامية الزرو “من جنين الى غزة ” من المقاومة الى الصمود الى النصر في الفترة من 27/1/2008 ولغاية 31/1/2008 في مجمع النقابات المهنية

  • Voices for Gaza ~ أصوات من أجل غزة

    Location:Zara Expo – Grand Hyatt Street:3rd circle City/Town:Amman, Jordan Phone:00962777232444 Under the Patronage of the Jerusalem Forum OrangeRed Presents “Voices for Gaza” A Fundraising Concert and exhibition For the benefit of the People of Gaza Guests of Honor Oumeima El Khalil and Zahi Wehbe from Lebanon Musical Performances Featuring Macadi Nahhas, Ayman Tayseer and […]

  • منتدى مئوية عمان

    Location: Hussein Cultural Center – Ras Al-ain City/Town: Amman – Jordan

Cherchez les beneficiaries

    For the first time in the history of the conflict the Palestinian people are represented by two equally-controversial and equally-incompetent leaderships. Musa Alshuqairi comments on seeking the beneficiaries. As absurd as conspiracy theories may sound, they could offer an alternative perspective. 

Those who suggested that the events of 9-11 could be an inside job based […]

  • 7iber Wins A Jordan Web Award!

    Last night was a milestone for 7iber as it received an honorary award at the third annual, 2008 Jordan Web Awards in Amman. It is perhaps the first time that a blog-based, citizen media project has been awarded in Jordan and all of us at 7iber are deeply humbled to be bestowed with such a […]

  • "Ticket to Jerusalim "(2002):Palestine

    Location:Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation,Amman, btw 1st Circle and 2nd Circle next to Iraqi Embassy City/Town:Amman, Jordan A Palestinian movie projectionist travels from camp to camp to show movies to the children. Movies are his life, he lives for cinema and it is always a drama when a projector fails or a new lamp is […]

  • مسرحية زفرة العربي الاخيرة

    Location:على مسرح أسامة المشيني- Street:جبل اللويبدة من فضاء المسرح الحر وتضامنا مع كل من لا يصمت على وتر حزين ذرفت دمعتين….. ومن قلبي سرقت, بكاء وردتين….. وفي عيني حب يرحل من عيني نقول الوداع… لم نغني حتى يصمت الوداع… سنغني سنغني سنغني حتى فجرا يزين وجة الصباح …. ونقول كلاما يداوي لون الجراح…. سنغي حتى […]

  • Jordanians Say Farewell To Bush

    7iber – Around 200 Jordanians gathered at the Professional Association Complex in the Shmisani district last night to bid US President George W. Bush farewell. While Barack Obama, the 44th US President, was busy being sworn in on television, Jordanians tossed their old shoes at a large poster of Bush until it was eventually torn […]

  • From Gaza to Obama: Testimonals

    People around the world didn’t know how to respond to the massacres and continuing devastation in Gaza. Hundreds of protests around the world with millions of people marching to end the violence and begin a new path towards justice and peace. Demonstrations here in Amman turned violent; pitting citizens against their own security forces in […]

  • Music Documentary About Gaza On SPIN and AYYAM

    Music documentary about powerful tracks made for Gaza, how musicians are helping the cause and what they think people should be doing to help. The following musicians/bands were interviewed for this purpose: Ramallah Underground EP Checkpoint 303 Farah Siraj Rami B3ara Will be aired on Spin Radio channel tomorrow at 6 PM. This documentary is […]

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