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  • Media Freedoms Under The Rifai Administration

    خطوات ممكنة لإصلاح الإعلام في ظل حكومة الرفاعي *بقلم داود كتاب يبدو أن إصلاح وتنظيم وسائل الإعلام في الأردن هو من أحد أولويات إدارة سمير الرفاعي الذي يعتبر صديقاً للكثيرين من الصحفيين والمحررين والناشرين. فكما هو الحال في جميع الجهود التي تسعى نحو مزيد من حرية الصحافة، فإن اثنتين من المبادئ العالمية يجب تذكرها دائماً، […]

  • The Day After Press Freedom: A Call For Action Written by Ramsey Tesdell On May 17th, 2007, His Majesty King Abdullah II opened the World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea in Jordan by asking the audience to, not just envision peace in the world, but begin to prepare for the challenges of the “day after peace.” The king has warned, on many […]

  • Superhighway: December 2009

    Where technology, media and society meet: What does Google know about you? And more importantly, how can you find out? Written by Ramsey Tesdell and John Lillywhite. With JO.JO Get Crunched! SINCE IT LAUNCHED IN 2008, has struggled to find its place in the growing world of Internet startups and so-called professional blogs. […]

  • The Dark Side of the Spoon: Episode 2

    The Dark Side of the Spoon is a comic strip created, written and penciled by Mike V. Derderian, and inked and colored by Waleed Qutteineh. The first official episode appeared in U Men’s August 2009 issue—Thank you Shirene. It follows the lives of Mako, a Mako shark with amphibian abilities and the appetite of—duh—a shark, […]

  • Have Your Say: Gaza, One Year On

    Photo by Emad Badwan Today is the one-year anniversary of the attacks on Gaza. For us at 7iber, we were hosting a discussion-workshop on the uses of social networking for political, business, and social uses. As if it was yesterday, I remember one of the participants receiving a phone call, looking shocked, and apologizing that […]

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