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  • Reviewing Antigone's Heart

    Written By: Farah Mehdawi Sometimes, a transparency seen in an actor’s solo performance will not be as amazing (in terms of following a script) as much as the little details and reflections of the performance as a whole. It was in reality that Antigone’s spoke and let the soul swoon for the melodies of its […]

  • Sandal Survival in Wadi Ibn-Hammad

    Written By: Tala Bassam Momani I’ve always been passionate about showing people around Jordan’s nature spots and leading them to countless little-unknown gorges and valleys. Wadi Ibn Hammad is one of my favourite destinations and it was there that I discovered how important it is to be dressed appropriately! That day I was guiding a […]

  • The Business of Prayer Cardboard

    Cardboard for Sale Written and Photos By: Saleem Ayoub Quna This is a picture of a cheap push-cart standing in the middle of the square in front of Al-Husseini Grand Mosque. The time is noon of the last Friday of Ramadan, the month of Fasting and piety which has left us few days ago. When […]

  • SPACED – فضاء شخصي

    Location:Makan Street:Nadeem Al-Mallah Street , Building # 21 City/town:Amman Phone:0096264631969-0795588393 لينا صعوب مصممة جرافيك وفنانة بصريّة. تستوحي أعمالها من محيطها حيث تتمحور حول الدفاع عن حقوق النساء اللاتي يساء فهمهن ويتعرضن للإساءة، متناقضا مع الآراء التقليديّة عن العدل الجندري. شاركت أعمالها في عدّة معارض ومشاريع فنيّة في عمّان وحديثا في دبي. بالإضافة إلى عملها […]

  • 'King Hussein Bin Talal ~ A Living Memory': Dodi Tabbaa Art Exhibition

    Location:The Zara Centre City/town: Amman Under the Patronage of HM King Abdullah II And in commemoration of the birthday of His Majesty the late King Hussein Bin Talal of Jordan. An art exhibition By Dodi Tabbaa Will be held at The Zara Centre, Amman, from 5 – 19 November 2008. The exhibition will showcase different […]

  • Photo Of The Day | Fruit Shops

    Photo By: Francisco Martins

  • 19th European Film Festival

    Location:مركز الحسين الثقافي King Hussein Cultural Center Street:Ras Al-Ein City/Town:Amman Phone:064641993 Email:e-mail: تعرض الأفلام الساعة 5 و 8 مساء يشمل البرنامج الكلي الأفلام التالية الدول الأعضاء التاريخ اسبانيا 14 تشرين الثاني 2007, الساعة 8 مساء النمسا 15 تشرين الثاني 2007, الساعة 5 مساء بلغاريا 15 – 16 تشرين الثاني 2007 الساعة 5 و 8 […]

  • Palestinian Film Week

    Location:AlBalad Theater & AlHussain Culture Center Street:Yazed Ben Abi Sofean str. City/town: Amman Phone:96264652005

  • Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival

    Location:Al-Hussein Cultural Center Street:Ras El-Ein City/Town:Amman, Jordan We want Jordanians in the lineup of this great festival. If you know anyone interested in performing – please upload the videos online and send the links to and Next year we hope to have one night of the Festival dedicated to showcasing comedians from […]

  • TAJ Live @ Nai – Amman's Arabic Hip-Hop Sensation!

    Location: Nai Street: Al-Arroub street behind Alqasr Metropole Hotel City/Town:Amman, Jordan Free Entry. 50% OFF BEERS – EFES, AMSTEL Stand up Amman! Nai proudly takes you on a Hip-Hop Arabian Journey with up and coming Arabic hip-hop group TAJ / MC NiZ-R in a debut performance.

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