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  • One Year of 7iber

    Written By Lina Ejeilat It was one year ago, on Jordan’s Independence Day, that we officially launched 7iber dot Com. Many a time in the past year, we stopped to look at what it is we were trying to do and how well ideas were translated into actions and results. That’s an ongoing process. But […]

  • New Tourism Report Called into Question

    Written By Dean Peters The Jordan Times is reporting that Fawwaz Khreisha of the Department of Antiquities, Samer Majali of Royal Jordanian and others have called into question the latest Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report (TTCR ) publish by the World Economic Forum (WEF); a document that asserts Jordan’s global rank among 130 countries dropped […]

  • Live Blogging: WEF INJAZ Workspace

    As promised earlier today, this is a video of the INJAZ booth in the workspace session, with Soraya Salti and an Egyptian student from the 2nd Company of the Year Competition that took place in Oman earlier this month. INJAZ is probably one of the more impressive business models presented in the workspace today, however, […]

  • Live Blogging: WEF Business That Cares And Workspaces

    There is perhaps nothing as invigorating for me personally than seeing Fadi Ghandour talk about corporate social responsibility, and government responsibilities. Many of the words are ones he’s consistently repeated but each time they feel injected with a new sense of passion than before. CSR is not simply about companies “doing good” or even attempting […]

  • Live Blogging: WEF Preludes

    Reviewing Bush’s speech from earlier on, I have to say, it was probably one of the most hypocritical speeches I’ve heard in a while. He switched between talking about establishing a Palestinian state before the end of his term, something which one participant later discredited as fantasy in the following session, and then talked about […]

  • Live Blogging: WEF Speeches

    The initial speeches by Hosni Mubarak, King Abdullah and George Bush, have just ended and everyone is breaking. I honestly fell asleep several times during Mubarak’s speech simply because he droned on about subjects I felt were irrelevant to the regional issues. King Abdullah’s speech was similar to that of last year’s “Year of Opportunity” […]

  • What's In The Name Of A Festival?

    Written By: Saleem Ayoub Quna Reading the various commentaries and statements that were carried in the local media, in connection with changing the name of the art and culture festival from Jerash to Jordan, one would think that a major disaster has happened signaling the end of the world! Many self-acclaimed and other genuine intellectuals […]

  • Picture Of The Day | Descent

    Picture By: Mais Irqsusi

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