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  • Recycle Reviewed: A Return to Humanity

    Pictures courtesy Sundance FF Written by Ramsey Tesdell PARK CITY, UTAH – I didn’t know what to expect as I walked out of the soft snow and into the ticket tent at the Holiday Cinema complex. I was shocked to see that in addition to the ticketed folks, there was another line for those trying […]

  • Captain Abu Raed: Review

    Written by Ramsey Tesdell UPDATE – Captain Abu Raed wins the World Cinema Audience Award, and Recycle wins the World Cinema Cinematography Award. Congrats to both films! More pictures of the cast and director here. PARK CITY, UTAH – Many words have been written about Amin Matalqa’s Captain Abu Raed. With all the words written, […]

  • Traditional Music Concert

    Quand l’Orient se marie avec l’Occitanie Concert de musiques traditionnelles avec les frères Khatib, Laurence Couanon & Jean-Marie Nozerand. At the Royal Cultural Center in Sports City. Information here.

  • Ruba Saqr at Blue Fig

    Re-opening Blue Fig’s monthly gigs, Ruba Saqr will sing her originals in a trio of sounds at Blue Fig this Feb. Songs include pieces from her upcoming debut album (Law Kan ‘Andi Matar ~ If Rain was Mine), with new improvisations from the soul. Ruba Saqr, 2007 UNESCO music prize winner, will be accompanied by […]

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