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  • تجمع ليلة رأس السنة تضامناً مع الأهل في غزة

    بينما يحتفل العالم بالسنة الجديدة، يستقبل أهل غزة عامهم الجديد بالقنابل والنيران والدم. فليكن احتفالنا نحن وقفة تضامن. لنجتمع وعائلاتنا ليلة رأس السنة من الساعة 11:30 مساءً وحتى الساعة 12:30 في الساحة الهاشمية وسط عمان لإضاءة الشموع. As the world welcomes the new year, the people of Gaza receive 2009 with constant bombardment and bloodshed. […]

  • Manual Animal Workshop Exhibition Responds To Israeli Massacres

    Location: Makan – Jabal Lwaibdeh City/Town: Amman – Jordan سيرد معرض ورشة عمل الحيوان اليدوي على المذابح الاسرائيليّة في غزّة الافتتاح اليوم في مكان في الساعة 6:30 مساءً Manual Animal Workshop Exhibition will respond to the Israeli massacres in Gaza. Opening today at Makan at 6:30 مكان، بلوزات، تيبسيم Makan, Blouzaat, Typism

  • Jordanians Respond to Gaza Attacks

    This post will be continually update as news, photos, and videos become available. If you’d like to submit content, email us at Words, Pictures, and Video by Ramsey Tesdell (unless noted) 7iber (Amman) – Jordanians around the Kingdom have been responding to the devastating attacks on Gaza by Israel in a variety of different […]

  • Failed Leadership

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons Written By: Musa Al-Shuqairi Hamas form of resistance failed to achieve substantial results and placed the population it presided over in an impossible situation. Leaving the heavy-hearted emotions and condolences aside for a moment, one cannot help but wonder what was/is the Hamas leadership plan (hoping they have one). 
So assuming […]

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