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  • Alternative Musician from Jordan wins International UNESCO Prize

    “For Ruba Saqr, even the most unconventional dreams can come true,” a recent Jordan Times article started off. The newspaper’s reporter called me the day after I sent a short announcement saying I just came back from Uzbekistan after representing Jordan at the Sixth International Music Festival of Samarqand. I performed three of my originals […]

  • 'Sales Tax' exempt brings hope for tourism take-off

    Written by Dr. Marwan Asmar* The Jordanian government recently decided to exempt inbound tour operators from the 16% General Sales Tax and the decision was met withenthusiasm by tour operators throughout the Kingdom. The issue has beensurrounded by controversy since 2002 when the government re-imposed the salestax on inbound tour operators after previously stating the […]

  • ATV Managing Director Resigns

    By: Lina Ejeilat  ATV Managing Director Mohannad Al-Khatib resigned from his position yesterday, and Ammon News reported that the channel’s owner and Chairman Mohammad Alayyan sold his shares to “Wonders Investment Company”, which is owned by Jordanians Mohammad Khaled Asfour and Mohammad Saleh Abdel-Ati. got a copy of Al-Khatib’s letter to ATV employees explaining […]

  • Picture of the Day | Stairway to Heaven

    Picture by: futurowoman

  • Political savvy, IAF style

    From Khalaf Yesterday hundreds of people from the town of Mleih, south of Madaba, staged a protest against rising prices, corruption and falling standards of living. It is interesting to note that reports on this do not indicate the involvement of any political party in the organization or staging of this protest. Of course, this […]

  • Urban Review: Ziqaq Il-Madaq

    Taste (Chili Ways Menu) Style Vibes Price Parking (parking for 1 JD available during the day) Argeeleh Toilet Usability Staff

  • Goya's Ghost – Film Screening

    Goya’s Ghost — Film screening at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Date: November 17 Time: 6:30pm

  • Ramadan Art Festival

    Ramadan Art Festival — A collection of artworks by Jordanian and Arab artists at Lines, contemporary art gallery. Tel: 465 5084 Until October 11.

  • Photo Essay | Amman Asleep

    Photos and Words By: Sabri Hakim I’m trapped in a self activating engine that evolves and seeks decay I’m chained in an office looking for chickpeas, I want to wear the skin of animals, grow my beard and carry a cane Allow my climbing of mountains be bare foot, I have reached skies, spoken to […]

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