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  • Shame on Us

    Written by Pheras Hilal Since the war on Iraq and the execution of Saddam Hussein, Iraqis’ conditions have been plummeting. Not only in Iraq itself, as its scorched earth everyday receives more and more martyrs, but also across the region, wherever Iraqis have crawled to seek refuge of the chaos swarming Iraq. I came across […]

  • Wadi El Waleh – Friday 31 August 2007

    Wadi El Waleh  – Friday 31 August 2007 Activate your day by exploring one of Jordan’s most charming black basalt gorges by hiking, boulder hopping, a bit of abseiling and lots of swimming! This is an 8 hour trail (including breaks) through the striking deep gorge formed of black basalt and sandstone. Located between Madaba […]

  • JSFF'07 Film Program

    JSFF’07 Film Program for Sunday Aug 26, 2007 Hussein Cultural Center @ Ras El Ein. Admission Free. INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (B) 6PM – 8PM Express Cash Desk / Gonzalo Crespo / Spain / 2005 / 6 / Fiction Firewood / Miikka Leskinen / UK / 2007 / 14 / Fiction For A Better World / Barbara […]

  • 2nd Annual Art Street Festival

    Thursday 30 August 2007 5:30 PM Roman Theater Downtown – Les Pietons. Al Balad Theater Troup, La Farce Friday 31 August 2007 6:30 PM Mega Mall – Les Piétons 7:30 PM Qweishmeh (Queen Rania Park) – Al Balad Theater Troup, La Farce Saturday 1 September 2007 7:00 PM Shmeisani (Cultural Street) – Les Piétons 8:00 […]

  • Land Debacle in Abdali

    Written by Khalaf In 2003, a large area in central Amman, previously designated as land for the headquarters of the army and other security services, was earmarked for an ambitious urban renovation project lead by the Hariri group. Thus, the Abdali project was born. The 350 dunum parcel of land belongs to a government owned […]

  • A Short History Of The Modern Keffiyah

    The Keffiyah has progressed from a piece of clothing used to protect from heat and cold, wind and sand, to a political statement. Now, the keffiyah is becoming a tourist must have and a fashion statement. The Arab-American blog, KABOBfest, contributed this time line of the keffiyah’s history. Editor’s note: We’ve chosen to spell keffiyah […]

  • Jordan Short Film Festival 2007

    Jordan Short Film Festival Start Date: Friday, August 24, 2007 at 6:00pm End Date: Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 6:00pm Location: Hussein Cultural Center, Amman website: facebook:

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