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  • Walking is back in Amman

    Written by Ahmad Humeid After the recent opening of Wakalat Street in Al Sweifieh in Amman, many Ammanis have expressed their delight to the pedestrian mall and activities happening around Amman’s newest attraction. According 360east’s Ahmad Humeid he was impressed by the number of people walking on Wakalat Street after 10pm. Thousands of people. Jordanians, […]

  • Music Matbakh Cooks Up an Amazing Show

    Written by Roba Assi Recently, I attended one of the best musical performances I have ever been to in my life; Music Matbakh (which means music kitchen in Arabic), a performance featuring musicians from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and the UK. The lineup combined traditional and cutting-edge, bringing together ancient Arabic traditions with […]

  • What Jordan lacks… musically-speaking!

    Written by Ruba Saqr When I was invited by to blog my ideas away at this forum, I knew it was time to vent out a life time’s experience in the music scene in Jordan. In my opinion, what Jordan suffers from in this respect is lack of vision. Producers don’t know what to […]

  • Living with Humanity in Jordan

    Written by Jenny Ernst We count the number of American soldiers lost in Iraq and shudder, but the number of Iraqi soldiers and citizens who have given their lives is often lost in translation. That country’s sorrow does not fully register with us, but the sting of unnecessary loss is felt across the Middle East […]

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