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  • Joining The Market: A Friday Market Stall With a Difference

    Written by Edward Stallard The idea came to us as a moment of inspiration while walking through the streets of Amman’s downtown area on an overcast Friday afternoon in late May. Watching the sellers interact with one another, share jokes, drink tea and casually attend to buyers who strolled from stall to stall thumbing through […]

  • On Set With Captain Abu Raed

    Written by Lina Ejeilat The camera crane comes swinging down amidst the ancient columns of the Citadel, with a panoramic view of Amman, and zooms in on the old airport janitor Abu Raed as he sits surrounded by a group of poor kids, recounting to them tales and adventures from travels worldwide. This is not […]

  • The First Drop of Ink

    Defining this project is almost an impossible task. Believe us, we’ve tried. It’s a collision of ideas bouncing off each other within a crucible we’ve created. It’s about community. It’s about amplifying voices. It’s about impact. It’s about bringing Jordanian culture and society into the virtual realms. It’s about the pen being mightier than the […]

  • Independent Ink

    Sixty one years can seem like a short period of time but perhaps given the region, any nation in the Middle East can appear aged. It would be easy to reminisce about Jordan’s history, how it came to be; where it was and how it has become. It would be easy to focus on the […]

  • Historical Timeline

    1921 As the Ottoman Empire fell, French Mandate Syria, and British Mandate Palestine were created. Transjordan occupied a large majority of British Mandate Palestine on the East side of the Jordan River. King Abdallah I was given semi-autonomous control of Tranjordan after losing the battle for control of Mecca and Medina. 1946 British request from […]

  • Jordanian Cultural Influences

    Remnants of ancient past pave way for global future Written by Rami Abdelrahman The Nabateans of Petra took over the Kingdom of Edom to establish a pioneering civilization that collected art and culture from surrounding kingdoms, but little did they knew that the same land would emerge into 21st century Jordan, home to an ethnically […]

  • The hidden face of Facebook

    A word of caution for those who are addicted to social networking sites. Written by Ramsey Tesdell An explosion in the popularity of social networking sites on the Internet has taken the world by storm recently. MySpace, Facebook and Orukt are some of the most popular ones, which allow you to publish a profile of […]

  • The Balad

    Written by Edward Stallard There are certain places we go in life where we get the feeling that somehow we have been there before. The Downtown area of the Jordanian capital Amman is one of those places for me. And it was not until I tried to capture the feeling of the place in words […]

  • WEF Blogging | Curtain Call & Final Thoughts

    The World Economic Forum has come to an end and it has been quite the extraordinary experience for me personally, specifically with being able to blog live via 7iber. I ran around asking a series of various questions to a variety of powerful people these past three days, the essential question being: “what does this […]

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